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Anal escorts in Amsterdam

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Let’s face it, anal sex is not a huge favorite of sexual intercourse for most women. You’ve probably had the same experience over and over again of hinting to the girl you’re dating that you’d like to travel down the dirt road with her, only to be rejected or told “not tonight, babe”. Luckily, there are many beautiful anal escorts in Amsterdam who are more than happy to let you penetrate their ass.

What Anal Sex Looks Like with Escorts

Anal sex, also known as A-levels, is a fun experience to have with escorts – mainly because they know what they’re doing. That’s not to say that your girlfriend or friend with benefits is not talented, but these sexy Amsterdam escorts have tons or practice with it and genuinely love to receive it. That being said, heading in to anal sex with an escort as a client, there are some much needed tips you need to know. First off, ditch the ideas you’ve seen in porn. Often times, the anal sex in porn is vigorous and involves a girl getting slammed in the ass from behind. While this may be something your call girl is interested in, anal sex is actually a lot more intimate and requires more patience that what you’ve seen in porn.

Take it Slow

Your escort will let you know the pace she wishes to move at. It is important, as a client, to be polite and let her decide which position to start in and how fast of a pace she is comfortable with. Any client who tries to push an escort into something she is uncomfortable with or a client who totally disregards anything the girl suggests has the chance of being black-listed or kicked out of the session. Be a gentleman and move into anal sex slowly – literally.

Lube it Up

Anal sex requires much more lubrication than vaginal sex, mainly because the vagina is self-lubricating, whereas the rectum is not. Lubricant will not only keep the escort comfortable but you as well. Bring a bottle of lubricant with you to your session, just in case the escort does not have any.

Only Book Anal Sex with an Escort Who Offers It

Local escorts who offer anal sex will have it listed in their services. Many agencies will offer a filter search on their website, so clients can filter their search to pull-up escorts who offer such sex practice. Never book a session with an escort assuming she will offer a-level sex – it must be listed in her services! Assuming such a thing will cause frustration for both parties and it can easily be avoided.

Don’t Forget Her Vagina During Anal Sex

Many women love vaginal stimulation during anal sex, whether this be playing with the clit or rubbing it against the man’s area during intercourse. As a client, you should remember this when engaging in sex, as this will make your stunning escort be amazed at your ability to please her.

Be Okay with the Mess

Escorts know how to clean themselves before having anal sex, but sex is dirty – let’s face it. Even if your escort goes to the extremes to make sure she is clean for you, there may be a chance that a mess could happen, and as a client, you need to be ok with it! If it happens, the worst thing you can do is make a big deal about it. Escorts are professional and they will handle the situation in such a manner, so clients need to do the same.

Sex with anal escorts in Amsterdam is an exciting service offered by many beautiful and exciting local girls. It remains popular and it is a great way for men to get their fix, especially if their partner is not into it. Always ensure the escort offers such service before booking a session or showing up to one. As with any sexual experience, clients should show up to it with an open mind and gentleman-like attitude. Typically, such escorts may charge extra for they service, as it is considered as a special service like role playing or giving prostate massages.